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Michigan reports 2,298 total coronavirus cases, 43 deaths across the state

DETROIT (FOX 2) - Michigan reported 507 new coronavirus cases and 19 new deaths on Wednesday, March 25 as the number of confirmed tests continues to rise at a rapid rate bringing the state’s total to 2,298. The state’s official death record is also now at 43.

Wednesday was the single largest jump in confirmed cases, beating the previous record set just 24 hours earlier.

The unofficial epicenter of coronavirus in Michigan is still in the Detroit area where Detroit reports 12 deaths (705 total cases), Detroit Latest News Wayne County reports 9 deaths (417 cases), 10 deaths in Oakland County (543 cases), and 7 deaths in Macomb County (281 cases).

Livingston County has also reported its first death from the virus.

Among the counties who now have cases are Marquette and Luce.

These numbers come as the state is under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-home order. Press Release Distribution News The strict order came with a warning that a million people in Michigan could need hospital beds if Michiganders keep going out in public and spreading the illness, especially if unknowingly.

The stay-home order lasts for at least three weeks and is in efforts to start slowing the spread of the virus to help preserve hospital staff, beds and ventilators. 

You can get more details about what can and cannot be done under the stay-home order here.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Detroit Police Department said a 50-year-old police captain had died from complications after catching Coronavirus. 

"This is a reminder of why Gov. Whitmer's order was so important. It is not just elderly people who are dying of this disease," Mayor Mike Duggan said. "Something about it, young individuals are severely affected as well."

Symptoms for coronavirus COVID-19 include fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. 

To protect yourself, wash your hands well and often, keep them away from your face, and avoid crowds and standing close to people.

Are you showing symptoms? Try Beaumont's virtual screening tool

And if you do find yourself showing any of these flu or coronavirus symptoms - don't go straight to your doctor's office. That just risks making more people sick, officials urge. Call ahead, and ask if you need to be seen and where.

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