7 New Persona Reveals Are Being Teased By Atlus

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If you're hurting for immoderate caller Persona news, it looks similar you're successful luck. Atlus precocious launched a website specifically for Persona's 25th anniversary, and it shows disconnected a plethora of caller creation showcasing assorted cardinal characters from the franchise's history. More than that, the workplace down the beloved bid is teasing that much quality is "coming soon."

The images shared house clues arsenic to what's connected the way, including the archetypal representation shown that hints that astatine slightest 1 of the reveals is connected the mode for this September. Another representation suggests that a abstracted task volition beryllium revealed each the mode successful Autumn of adjacent year, which means we'll person a dependable watercourse of Persona quality for the foreseeable future. But the important happening is that determination are 7 blacked-out images with the words "coming soon," which means a batch much Persona connected the way. 

Additionally, Atlusalso offers pre-orders for Persona merch, which is much than cleanable for maine due to the fact that their plushies are to dice for. Not literally, but they are truly stinkin' cute. 

The website update is fundamentally Schrodinger's Atlus: it some teases a batch and teases hardly thing astatine all. But that's OK due to the fact that we cognize much Persona quality is coming down the pipeline, and fixed how overmuch emotion this franchise has down it, immoderate quality is bully news. Whatever surprises Atlus has up its proverbial sleeve, we'll get a glimpse arsenic the institution celebrates Persona's 25th day connected September 20, 2021. 

So what's getting revealed? Are we getting 7 caller games? Probably not, but sources say that astatine slightest 1 of the teased projects includes a mobile crippled from Perfect World that volition propulsion from Persona 5's universe. More merch, much games, and different surprises are connected the way, which begs the question: what bash you privation to spot adjacent retired of Atlus regarding Persona? If you could trade your cleanable Persona game, what would it look like? Any returning favorites successful your vision? Shout retired those thoughts large and arrogant successful the remark conception below! 

[Source: Altus]

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