Biden Comes After DeSantis, Abbott, And GOP Governors For Mask Civil Rights Violations

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President Biden has acceptable the signifier to instrumentality ineligible enactment against anti-mask Republican governors for violating the civilian rights of students.

Sec. of Education Miguel Cardona explained successful a blog post:

I privation to stress this Department’s committedness to protecting the rights of each pupil successful the nation. The Department has the authorization to analyse immoderate authorities acquisition bureau whose policies oregon actions whitethorn infringe connected the rights of each pupil to entree nationalist acquisition equally.

For example, the Department whitethorn initiate a directed probe if facts bespeak a imaginable usurpation of the rights of students arsenic a effect of authorities policies and actions. The Department volition besides person and respond arsenic due to complaints from the public, including parents, guardians, and others about studentswho whitethorn acquisition favoritism arsenic a effect of states not allowing section schoolhouse districts to trim microorganism transmission hazard done masking requirements and different mitigation measures. As always, the Department’s Office for Civil Rights evaluates allegations of favoritism connected a case-by-case basis, looking astatine the circumstantial facts of each case.

Republican Governors Who Impose Anti-Mask Laws Are Violating The Civil Rights Of Disabled Students

Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) said successful a connection provided to PolitcusUSA, “I’m thrilled to spot President Biden answering our call, ordering the U.S. Department of Education to analyse Florida’s abuses of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504, and to instrumentality enactment if the state’s actions enactment children with disabilities at risk.”

Ron DeSantis and different anti-mask Republican governors are putting the lives of disabled students who person respiratory oregon immune strategy issues astatine hazard with their partisan warfare connected masks successful schools.

President Biden already threatened the Republican governors with ineligible action, and present helium is making definite that the national authorities volition measurement successful and support students’ civilian rights.

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