Biden Makes History As Child Tax Credit Will Lead To Biggest Reduction In Child Poverty Ever

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On the archetypal time that payments are going retired to families, President Biden said his kid taxation recognition would pb to the biggest one-year reduction successful kid poorness successful history.


President Biden announces that the kid taxation recognition that families are receiving contiguous volition pb to the biggest 1 twelvemonth alteration successful kid poorness successful US history.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 15, 2021

President Biden said:

This is simply a middle-class taxation cut. When I came up — erstwhile I decided I wanted this successful the legislation, I referred to it in the mode that it truly is it’s a middle-class taxation cut. It’s conscionable similar the affluent get tax cuts for a batch of things. It’s a taxation chopped for your children — having children. And this tin marque it possible for hard-working parents to say to his oregon her child, honey, we get — you tin get caller braces now. We tin get you a tutor to assistance caller that mathematics people you are having trouble with. We tin get you the sports gear you request to motion up for the first squad you’re going to play on. 

People person written to maine to tell maine they usage the wealth to buy their kids caller shoes, to send them to summertime camp, to cover after-school care. 

To springiness you a consciousness of however transformative this is, this volition be the largest ever 1 year decrease successful kid poorness successful the history of the United States of America. As we statesman now. Historic reductions successful child poverty among white, black, and Latinos , and AAPI communities, it’s not adjacent close. The benefits volition beryllium felt for years.

Child Poverty Is Expected To Be Cut In Half

Getting children retired of poorness not lone leads to amended contiguous wellness and wellness outcomes, but it besides helps children bash amended successful school, which tin effect successful a generational accidental to flight poorness and alteration the trajectory of full families.

President Biden and legislature Democrats are changing the lives of families and children successful a mode that volition beryllium felt for years and perchance generations to come.

No different president has ever cut kid poorness successful half successful a azygous year, but that is precisely what Joe Biden is connected way to accomplish.

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