Bombshell Poll Finds Voters Overwhelming Support Biden On Afghanistan

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A caller canvass finds by a borderline of  51%-37% voters enactment Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, adjacent aft Republican attacks and antagonistic media coverage.

A caller Data For Progress Poll found, “Voters inactive enactment President Biden’s determination to retreat troops from Afghanistan, adjacent aft learning that Taliban fighters person captured these cities. Voters enactment the determination to retreat by a 14-point margin, including Democrats by a 51-point margin, Independents by a 13-point margin, and astir a 3rd of Republicans.

Independents enactment the withdrawal 51%-38%, and adjacent 31% of Republicans enactment the withdrawal.

The canvass was taken aft the Afghan authorities collapsed, and Biden was subjected to relentlessly antagonistic media coverage.

Blaming Biden For The Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Not Going To Stick With Voters

Republicans were hoping that they could crook Afghanistan into an contented that volition beryllium utilized adjacent twelvemonth successful the midterm election, but it turns retired that President Biden is doing what the American radical wanted. 

The antagonistic property sum and attacks from Republicans aren’t working. Voters would similar to spot the Biden medication velocity up the process to get everyone out, but they look mostly good with the mode things person played out.

The firm media is connected the incorrect broadside of the Afghanistan communicative and retired of measurement with nationalist opinion. Their outrage isn’t shared with astir Americans, arsenic the bulk of voters conscionable privation the US retired of Afghanistan.

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