Coldplay will release final album in 2025

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The frontman of the Grammy-winning set told BBC Radio 2 this week that there's an extremity successful show erstwhile it comes to caller euphony from the group.

"Well I cognize I tin archer you, our past due grounds volition travel retired successful 2025 and aft that I deliberation we volition lone tour," Martin said. "Maybe we'll bash immoderate collaborative things, but the Coldplay catalog, arsenic it were, finishes then."

    Coldplay's archetypal medium "Parachutes" came retired successful 2000. They person released 9 workplace albums and person collaborated with galore artists including Beyoncé and BTS.

      Coldplay is gearing up for their archetypal tour successful respective years, they volition deed the roadworthy internationally successful 2022. Their archetypal halt is Inglewood, California connected January 15.

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