Crown Jewels – Breaking Down The New Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Trailer

2 months ago 17

Hello there! It’s truthful precise bully to conscionable you! 

Welcome to the satellite of Pokémon! 

Your precise ain communicative of expansive escapade is astir to unfold. 

So begins the coming-of-age travel that each installment successful the Pokémon gameverse is known for. 15 years person passed since Diamond and Pearl’s archetypal release. The Brilliant and Shining versions are slated for a Fall release, and today’s Pokémon Presents watercourse revealed a bevy of caller and classical mechanics. I’ve gone done each framework of the trailer – astatine 0.25 playback speed, nary less! – to relay each of that juicy pouch monster info backmost to you. If you’re looking to drawback them each for the umpteenth time, you won’t privation to miss retired connected the biggest revelations from the event:

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