Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.3 Patch Address Myriad Of Issues And Adds Free Content

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CD Projekt Red is inactive righting the vessel that is Cyberpunk 2077, and its latest spot plugs up immoderate much gameplay, performance, and stableness leaks portion besides tossing successful immoderate free, albeit small, pieces of content. Patch 1.3, the follow-up to the important 1.2 update, is present unrecorded for each versions of the sandbox RPG and aims to marque the chaotic thrust crossed Night City a batch smoother. 

Upon downloading the spot you’ll beryllium treated to 3 caller pieces of content. First up is an alternate quality for Johnny Silverhand, which you entree successful the settings tab nether “Additional Content.” You besides get the Rare/Iconic prime multilayered syn-leather Deltajock and Luminescent Punk jackets. After completing the ngo “The Ride” and receiving Viktor’s message, you tin find these jackets successful V’s flat stash. Lastly, you summation entree to the Archer Quartz "Bandit" vehicle, which you tin either bargain oregon gain arsenic a reward depending connected your choices aft finishing up the "Ghost Town" occupation and getting a connection from either Dakota oregon Rogue. 

In presumption of improvements, immoderate notable changes include:

  • Improved the minimap's zoom level erstwhile driving, truthful that it's much zoomed retired and easier to navigate
  • Added a fastener that allows reallocating the organisation of Perk points connected a character's accomplishment tree
  • Fixers volition present connection V to connection a car for acquisition little often
  • Added a filter for quest items successful the Backpack
  • It's present imaginable to upgrade crafting components successful bulk
  • Added a examination tooltip for cyberware

That’s conscionable the extremity of the iceberg, truthful I promote players to work the full database of spot notes for the implicit breakdown of fixes/updates made to circumstantial quests, wide balancing, the presentation/UI, and more. 

Cyberpunk 2077 launched successful a beauteous mediocre authorities past December, with the PC mentation proving to beryllium the astir unchangeable physique portion the crippled was mostly a messiness connected last-gen consoles. The rubric lone precocious returned to sale connected the PlayStation Store aft Sony pulled it past twelvemonth owed to prime concerns. CD Projekt Red has been done the wringer implicit the past 9 months oregon so, dealing with interior workplace disputes, class-action lawsuits, and adjacent falling unfortunate to a major cyberattack. Things look to person somewhat settled down (for now), truthful hopefully, the squad tin proceed to absorption connected shining up Cyberpunk arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable portion besides preparing the autochthonal PS5/Xbox Series X versions.

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