Dolphins raid Broncos to land big NRL signing

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The Dolphins person completed their archetypal raid into their section rivals' playing stocks, signing Brisbane's Jamayne Isaako for their inaugural season.

Isaako, who played astir of his 76 archetypal people games connected the helping with a fewer astatine fullback, becomes the archetypal backmost signed by the enlargement club, and their 3rd established signing wide - aft Felise Kaufusi and Ray Stone.

They person besides locked successful teenagers Harrison Graham, Valynce Te Whare, and Michael Roberts.

"Jamayne is fast, elusive and a point-scoring machine, truthful we invited him into the archetypal ever Dolphins squad," nine CEO Terry Reader said.

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"We person signed a mates of prime forwards successful Felise Kaufusi and Ray Stone truthful it is encouraging to get an planetary extracurricular backmost onto our roster arsenic well.

Jamayne Isaako volition caput to the Dolphins successful 2023. (Getty)

The 25-year-old made his debut successful 2017, playing 1 crippled earlier becoming a fixture successful Brisbane's 2018 squad, earning rookie of the twelvemonth honours by scoring 11 tries and kicking goals astatine a 82.91 per cent occurrence rate.

He has represented some Samoa and New Zealand astatine planetary level.

"Jamayne is simply a large pick-up for the Dolphins for our archetypal twelvemonth – it means we are beauteous definite we already cognize who volition beryllium kicking goals for america successful 2023," Reader said.

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