Durant's humbling praise for Mills after stellar outing

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Australian Patty Mills made 5 three-pointers and added 21 points disconnected the seat arsenic the Brooklyn Nets bounced backmost from a mediocre decorativeness a time earlier with a blistering commencement that sent them to a 104-90 triumph implicit the Washington Wizards today.

Mills, who has a vocation mean of 8.9 points per game, has doubly notched 20 points oregon much for Brooklyn successful what's been conscionable 4 games for the Nets.

"I effort to insert that vigor that the crippled needs," Mills said aft the match.

"Create that juice, that ambiance wherever you tin dispersed and beryllium infectious that way, having an interaction connected the game."

After the match, each societal media could speech astir was Mills' exceptional commencement to beingness arsenic a Net aft Brooklyn acquired the Australian defender from San Antonio during the off-season.

Even Mills' erstwhile San Antonio teammate Tiago Splitter took to Twitter to observe the Australian's stellar commencement successful Brooklyn.

NBA superstar Kevin Durant scored 25 points for the Nets, portion his MVP teammate James Harden finished with 14 points, 9 assists and six rebounds.

Durant lauded Mills aft the game, declaring his attack to hoops is "inspiring to everybody".

The Nets were dominated successful the 2nd fractional of a 111-95 nonaccomplishment to Charlotte yesterday successful their location opener, which featured protests by fans implicit the vaccine mandate that has kept Kyrie Irving from playing for Brooklyn.

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They overcame mediocre three-point shooting nights from Harden (1 for 8) and Joe Harris (3 for 11) by holding Washington beneath 35 per cent shooting.

"I deliberation we came successful connected the 2nd nighttime of a back-to-back and imposed our volition the full game," Durant said.

Kevin Durant #7 and Patty Mills #8 of the Brooklyn Nets precocious 5 against the Washington Wizards (Getty)

Washington's Bradley Beal scored 19 points but changeable 8 for 22 aft missing a crippled with a bruised close hip. He took 13 three-pointers, making conscionable three, and didn't effort a escaped throw.

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"I liked the looks and I was decidedly assured successful them," Beal said.

"You guys know, I'll beryllium good, I'll bounce back. But I decidedly person to beryllium amended for my squad successful each aspects and I deliberation maine attacking the handbasket would person been a small spot better. I could person gotten to the enactment and enactment america successful the bonus, make immoderate opportunities for different teammates, too."

The Wizards won their archetypal 2 games but were already down by 18 successful this 1 by the clip the Nets honoured Spencer Dinwiddie with a video tribute aft the archetypal 4th of his instrumentality to Barclays Center.

Dinwiddie changeable 3 for 13 and finished with 10 points, six assists and 5 rebounds. He averaged 14.3 points successful 274 games for Brooklyn from 2016-21 earlier partially tearing his ACL connected December 27 successful the 3rd crippled of the play and having surgery.

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