Federal Prosecutors Looking At Charging Trump With Violating Witness Tampering Law

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Federal prosecutors and the 1/6 Committee look to beryllium gathering a lawsuit that Trump corruptly obstructed the certifying of the election.

The Daily Beast reported:

As national prosecutors progressively usage an obscure transgression complaint to jailhouse Jan. 6 insurrectionists, legislature investigators look to beryllium gathering a lawsuit that could effect successful that aforesaid complaint against erstwhile President Donald Trump.


It mightiness look unusual for a national instrumentality against witnesser tampering to beryllium utilized this way, but the statute includes a proviso that makes it a transgression for anyone who “corruptly… obstructs, influences, oregon impedes immoderate authoritative proceeding” oregon tries to bash so.

It is simply a logical question. If the 1/6 insurrections are charged with corruptly obstructing an authoritative proceeding, what does it mean for the erstwhile president who organized the rally and sent his supporters to the Capitol?

The insurrectionists are blameworthy of obstructing an authoritative proceeding truthful that the aforesaid complaint could instrumentality to Donald Trump.

Trump is already successful transgression jeopardy successful New York and Georgia. While astir person been focused connected the 1/6 Committee’s investigation, it is what they find that could exponentially summation the imaginable transgression liability of Donald Trump for the onslaught connected the Capitol.

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