Fox’s Will Cain Doubles Down on COVID Disinfo: “Natural Immunity is Better Than Vaccine Immunity”

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Wednesday was a large time for vaccine hesitancy promotion connected Fox News. In the afternoon, Maria Bartiromo got the erstwhile president involved. Donald Trump told Fox Business viewers that booster vaccine shots are lone being pushed truthful aesculapian companies could marque much money. And during the evening, big Will Cain doubled down connected his COVID misnformation from past night.

On Tuesday, Cain claimed that the authorities should beryllium looking into ways to combat COVID-19 extracurricular of vaccination. He went adjacent farther connected Wednesday, saying that earthy immunity is amended than vaccines.

Cain told Fox viewers:

Natural immunity is amended than vaccine immunity. If you person had COVID, determination is nary existent request for a vaccine. Studies retired of Israel amusement that T-cell and B-cell immunity. This is the benignant of semipermanent immunity you get aft having been exposed to COVID — makes it mode little apt that you volition get COVID a 2nd time, little apt than if you’ve been vaccinated. You wouldn’t cognize this though successful America. For illustration if you Google earthy immunity versus vaccination, this is what you get connected Google. You get nary results connected the Israeli study. You volition travel up with perfectly nothing. But if you spell to DuckDuckGo for example, this is an autarkic hunt engine, you tin find those Israeli studies that I conscionable mentioned. And for what it’s worth, Israel is the golden modular successful data.”

Of course, 624,000 Americans haven’t experienced the payment of earthy immunity due to the fact that they died of COVID. And galore much volition endure from semipermanent effects of contracting the virus.

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