Gallen reveals 'ridiculous' offer to fight Sonny-Bill

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After demolishing Darcy Lussick, inevitably the communicative for Paul Gallen swayed towards a combat with Sonny-Bill Williams.

Speaking after his TKO victory, Gallen suggested a combat with the All Blacks fable volition astir apt ne'er happen, though revealed some fighters had been offered large cheques by renowned promoter Eddie Hearn for 2 fights.

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The erstwhile Sharks skipper said helium plans to discontinue from boxing aft adjacent twelvemonth and believes Williams is waiting until he's older.

"I'm 40 and good and genuinely astatine the extremity of my career," helium told Main Event post-fight.

"My daughters and woman don't privation maine to combat overmuch longer. I'll spot what happens.

"I've said I americium going to discontinue adjacent twelvemonth without a uncertainty truthful unless it happens by the mediate of adjacent year, it won't happen.

Paul Gallen and Sonny Bill Williams. (Getty)

"The shot is successful his court. I've said for years let's bash it but there's going to travel a clip wherever I accidental nary much and I stake you that's erstwhile helium says let's bash it.

"I've said that earlier and volition accidental it again, that's what helium is doing [waiting until Gallen is older]."

Gallen went connected to uncover Williams has been dodging a multimillion-dollar woody enactment guardant by Hearn.

The projected woody would spot the brace combat doubly adjacent year, with each earning $4 cardinal successful full for some fights.

"You would person work successful today's paper, we were offered $4 cardinal each to combat doubly adjacent twelvemonth and it's not happening," Gallen said.

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"Why? It's unheard of money. That's ridiculous."

Earlier this period Williams said helium wanted to perpetrate to boxing for 2 years earlier facing Gallen.

The Sharks large volition beryllium agelong retired by past helium said and won't instrumentality astir excessively long.

"At immoderate stage, idiosyncratic who should person bushed maine is going to bushed me," Gallen said.

"I look astatine Mark Hunt. I bushed Mark Hunt, successful each seriousness if I versed Mark Hunt successful his heyday, I'm not going adjacent him. He would termination me.

"I got him successful the back-end but I don't see myself a amended combatant than Mark Hunt, nary way. That's astir apt going to hap to me, astatine immoderate signifier idiosyncratic is going to measurement up [and bushed me].

"I'm a small spot excessively old, a small spot slower and I'm going to get caught."

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