How to integrate and use Microsoft Office with Dropbox

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Learn however to create, store and stock Microsoft Office documents utilizing Dropbox.


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If you usage some Microsoft Office and Dropbox, you tin integrate the 2 successful bid to much easy prevention and stock Office files via Dropbox. You adjacent person a fewer options.

From the Dropbox website, you tin straight make Office documents utilizing Microsoft's Office connected the web. With the Dropbox app installed connected your computer, you're capable to constituent to the Dropbox tract to prevention and stock files from Microsoft Office. And with the close Outlook extension, you tin nonstop and connect Dropbox files successful your emails.

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This integration works with Microsoft 365, the one-time licence mentation of Office, and Office connected the web. On the Dropbox side, immoderate benignant of relationship is supported, including Basic, Plus and Family.

Use the Dropbox website

First, motion successful to Dropbox. You tin make an Office papers astatine the Home leafage arsenic good arsenic astatine astir of the different pages. At the Home page, click the Create button. To make a Word document, hover to Document and prime Word Document. For a PowerPoint presentation, hover to Presentation and prime PowerPoint Presentation. And for Excel, hover to Spreadsheet and prime Excel Workbook (Figure A).

Figure A


At 1 of the different Dropbox pages, click the fastener astatine the close to Create New File. Select Word Document, Excel Workbook oregon PowerPoint Presentation (Figure B).

Figure B


Dropbox opens the web mentation of whichever Office programme you chose. You tin present make your papers arsenic you usually would with Office connected the web–the aforesaid features, menus and commands are available. To sanction the record beyond the default generic name, click the Saved paper astatine the apical and benignant a circumstantial sanction successful the File Name field. The record is automatically saved arsenic you enactment connected it. You'll beryllium capable to entree the papers from Dropbox astatine immoderate clip (Figure C).

Figure C


Use the Dropbox desktop app

The Dropbox desktop app allows you to access, edit, sync and negociate your online files straight done File Explorer successful Windows oregon the Finder app connected a Mac. The app works with immoderate benignant of Dropbox account. To drawback the app, spell to the Dropbox desktop app page and click the Download Now oregon Get Started button. After installing and mounting up the app, unfastened File Explorer oregon Finder. A folder for Dropbox appears with each your synced files wherever you tin open, edit and different negociate them without having to spell to the Dropbox website (Figure D).

Figure D


Use the Dropbox Outlook extension

The Dropbox hold for Outlook lets you stock immoderate record from Dropbox by linking to it from an email message. Since the nexus points to an online file, your recipients volition person entree to the latest version. Plus, you tin prevention record attachments successful Outlook straight to Dropbox.

To instal the hold wrong your organization, spell to the Dropbox for Outlook leafage astatine the Microsoft AppSource site, click the Get It Now button, and travel the required steps. To instal it conscionable for yourself, unfastened Outlook and click the fastener connected the Home ribbon for Get Add-ins. Search for Dropbox for Outlook and click the Add fastener erstwhile the hold appears. A Dropbox icon should past popular up connected the ribbon (Figure E).

Figure E


To stock a record stored connected Dropbox, constitute a caller email message. Click the Dropbox Share files icon connected the ribbon. Sign into your Dropbox account. The close pane displays your Dropbox folders and files. Browse to and prime the record you privation to share. A nexus to the record is attached. Send your email, and your recipient volition beryllium capable to entree the record via the nexus (Figure F).

Figure F


To prevention a received record attachment successful Dropbox, unfastened the email with the attachment. Click the Dropbox Save attachments icon connected the ribbon. Sign into your Dropbox relationship astatine the close pane. Browse to the folder successful which you privation to store the record and click the Save button. The record is saved to Dropbox wherever you tin entree it astatine immoderate clip (Figure G).

Figure G


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