Hundreds of Salvadorans claim money is vanishing from bitcoin accounts

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El Salvador's effort to go the world's archetypal authorities to follow bitcoin arsenic ineligible tender hits different stumbling artifact arsenic hundreds of citizens assertion that funds are disappearing from their accounts

Technology 23 December 2021

By Matthew Sparkes

Newspaper seller

El Salvador adopted bitcoin arsenic ineligible tender connected 7 September

Rodrigo Sura/EFE/Alamy Live

Hundreds of Salvadorans assertion that wealth has gone missing from their integer wallets pursuing El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin arsenic ineligible tender.

In September, the authorities gave each national US$30 successful bitcoin via each person’s Chivo wallet – a integer relationship acceptable up by the government. The currency could beryllium utilized for shopping, oregon to wage taxes.

But hundreds of citizens are claiming that their payments haven’t been received by stores, and that funds person disappeared from their accounts.

A Salvadoran …

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