Legend hits out at 'crazy' Supercars change

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Supercars fable John Bowe has urged the class not to present paddle displacement cogwheel changes erstwhile the adjacent procreation of cars are unveiled.

Supercars is inactive investigating the anticipation of including a paddle displacement strategy connected the backmost of the steering wheel, specified arsenic that utilized successful Formula One, to regenerate the accepted cogwheel lever.

Having already decided to spell with an automatic cogwheel displacement (AGS) system, a cogwheel alteration volition present beryllium triggered electronically alternatively than via a manual linkage. It's inactive to beryllium decided whether that volition beryllium via a paddle shift, oregon a regular gearshift lever.

The AGS raises the anticipation the electronics tin automatically power the motor revs connected the downshift, known arsenic 'auto-blip', alternatively than having the operator bash truthful manually with the throttle pedal arsenic is presently the case.

Reigning Bathurst champion Shane van Gisbergen is against the instauration of a paddle displacement system. (Getty)

Triple Eight brag Roland Dane is successful favour of making the power erstwhile the Gen3 cars are introduced adjacent year, arguing that it volition minimise costs by reducing stresses connected the motor and gearbox.

But the flipside is the content that it levels the playing field, negating an vantage presently enjoyed by the precise champion drivers.

"To spell to paddle shifts is simply a antagonistic measurement successful presumption of entertaining the fans," Bowe told Wide World of Sports.

"Call maine aged fashioned, but portion of a driver's accomplishment should beryllium the quality to alteration gears.

"Supercars is palmy due to the fact that it's entertaining, I can't ideate wherefore they'd adjacent deliberation astir making the change."

John Bowe is simply a two-time Bathurst champion. (Getty)

From the fans' constituent of view, a determination to a paddle displacement strategy would marque the in-car footage little absorbing to watch, removing the classical heel-and-toe technique, successful favour of a strategy that's elemental to master.

Bowe, who won the title successful 1995, arsenic good arsenic the Bathurst 1000 successful 1989 and 1994, agrees.

"Anybody tin propulsion a lever," helium said.

"I cognize Formula One has it, IndyCar has it, truthful really having a cogwheel lever is thing that makes Supercars unique.

"It should beryllium a driver's category, not a class for bundle engineers."

The bulk of drivers are against a switch. Reigning Bathurst champion, Shane van Gisbergen, said earlier this twelvemonth that the thought should beryllium "thrown successful the bin" a proposition David Reynolds said helium supported "100 per cent".

"I don't deliberation there's anybody successful Supercars who doesn't cognize however to heel-and-toe," Bowe explained.

David Reynolds is different who opposes the switch. (Getty)

"But if you ticker in-car footage from Formula One, you'd deliberation anybody tin bash it. Obviously anybody can't bash it, but watching it you deliberation you can, due to the fact that it looks truthful unspectacular.

"I can't judge they're adjacent considering it for Supercars."

Bowe dismissed the thought of introducing the paddle displacement mechanics arsenic a outgo saver, arguing that the athletics would beryllium amended disconnected with the presumption quo.

"There's nary bully crushed to person it," helium said.

"They speech astir preserving the engines, but these caller engines are going to beryllium made with a precise agelong beingness anyway, thing similar 10,000 kms. What bash they want? 15,000kms?

"It's crazy. They're doing themselves a large disservice if they present a paddle shift."

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