Maneater Returns In Late August With A New Island, Evolutions, And Apex Predators To Hunt

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After devouring astir of the beingness successful a fig of swamps and seas, Maneater's bare bull shark is each grown up and acceptable to feast again. On August 31, the feeding frenzy continues successful Truth Quest, a story-driven add-on that brings our fearless shark to a mysterious land disconnected of the seashore of Port Clovis. The waters present are location to a menacing apex predator, and are patrolled by the Naval Wildlife Organization, which tin adjacent nonstop helicopters aft you.

Your enactment successful the country has caught the involvement of Trip Westhaven, the investigative writer from the archetypal game. Westhaven is present pursuing your bloody exploits connected his ViewTube transmission "Truth Quest." People cling to each video with the anticipation of Westhaven blowing the lid connected different authorities coverup, this 1 hiding your root communicative and evolution. Westhaven is erstwhile again brought to beingness by the dependable of histrion Chris Parnell.

In summation to the caller communicative content, the DLC increases the level headdress to 40, and adds a caller improvement set. Five caller organ evolutions can beryllium equipped erstwhile your bull shark hits level 35. You'll request the added mightiness to hunt the caller apex predator that developer Tripwire Interactive simply lists arsenic "uber." The waters are besides infested with evolved creatures and 5 caller bounty bosses.

Military forces are equipped to grip your hunger, and tin bombard you from the information of formation fronts and land-based fortifications. Those helicopters volition besides beryllium a nuisance until you relearn however to motorboat yourself done the air.

Tripwire volition soon beryllium releasing a aviator occurrence that volition springiness you a 10 to 15-minute hands-on look astatine Truth Quest. Should you similar what you play, the DLC is $14.99, and volition merchandise for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Maneater was 1 of past year's nicest surprises, and I'm hoping this DLC isn't the past we'll spot of this shark RPG. Given its popularity, I wouldn't beryllium amazed if a full-on sequel is besides successful development.

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