McCarthy to Meet with Trump Before Considering GOP Members for 1/6 Commission

4 months ago 31

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy volition conscionable with erstwhile President Donald Trump earlier considering which GOP members to spot connected the committee tasked with investigating the insurrection of January 6.

“Kevin McCarthy volition beryllium gathering with maine this day astatine Trump National successful Bedminster, N.J. Much to discuss!” Trump announced successful a connection today.

McCarthy tin name 5 members to the committee pursuing consultation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). He had earlier threatened to portion Republicans of their committee assignments if they judge an connection from Pelosi to service connected the committee. 

Last month, Pelosi confirmed that she has the authorization to veto immoderate of McCarthy’s picks, though she stopped abbreviated of confirming whether she volition let immoderate Republican who voted not to certify President Joe Biden‘s Electoral College triumph connected the panel.

Last month, Senate Republicans blocked authorities that would person created a bipartisan committee to analyse the onslaught and taken the probe extracurricular the halls of Congress.

The Senate voted 54-35  to beforehand the measure, but it fell abbreviated of the 60 votes needed to flooded a GOP filibuster, which would person blocked statement connected the bill. The House had earlier approved the commission; 35 Republicans voted for it.

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