Mitchell toys with 'best players in the world'

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Blues prima Latrell Mitchell needed small clip to stamp his authorization connected Game Three aft crossing implicit for the opening try.

With NSW retired to manus Queensland their archetypal bid cleanable expanse since 2000, beingness was made hard for the Blues erstwhile Queensland took a 2-0 pb successful the opening 2 minutes of the crippled pursuing a costly penalty.

But erstwhile it was clip for the Blues to respond, Mitchell stepped up by cleaning up a escaped shot successful attack, which had slipped done the hands of playmaker Jack Wighton earlier the centre cleaned up by redeeming a adjacent 15-metres nonaccomplishment of tract possession.

Then conscionable moments later, Mitchell was handed the shot successful a one-on-one presumption against Dane Gagai and stepped his South Sydney teammate to skip distant into the in-goal untouched for the Blues' archetypal effort of the game.

"We highlighted earlier the crippled the endowment of Latrell Mitchell and however he's the X-factor," rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns said successful commentary for Nine.

Latrell Mitchell celebrates (Getty)

"Remember these players are the champion successful the world, the champion defenders.

"In the lead-up, helium gets the shot and picks it up and is conscionable playing with the opposition.

"Then helium gets the shot successful space, and person a look astatine the footwork - they don't get a manus connected him.

"These aren't mean footballers, these are the champion players successful the world. He's making them look silly."

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