Overlooked No More, ‘Skipped History’ Explores Forgotten Events

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A drama web bid hosted by a humanities satirist explores overlooked ideas, radical and events that proceed to signifier the United States.

Hosted by Ben Tumin, a humanities  satirist, “Skipped History" makes past  some  accessible and funny.
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Pierre-Antoine Louis

July 17, 2021, 5:34 p.m. ET

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“Skipped History,” a drama web series, explores overlooked ideas, radical and events that proceed to signifier the United States. Hosted by Ben Tumin, a humanities satirist, the bid makes past some accessible and funny.

“To me, the world is that past is endlessly compelling,” Mr. Tumin said. “If you’re conscionable looking for answers for however the nine we unrecorded successful became the nine that it is today, and it’s specified a flawed nine successful truthful galore ways, that uncovering wherever things went incorrect helps to reimagine however things could spell close successful the future.”

The archetypal play of “Skipped History” was met with praise from prominent historians. Greg Grandin, a past prof and Pulitzer Prize winner, called the amusement “a treasure,” aft an episode that explored the racially motivated reasons for America’s archetypal large warfare overseas successful the Philippines.

“There are statistic that students successful precocious schoolhouse and mediate schoolhouse typically find past to beryllium 1 of the astir boring subjects,” Mr. Tumin said. “And meanwhile, determination are each these academics and educators doing unthinkable enactment and unearthing unthinkable past that we had nary thought about. So the question is not, ‘Is past interesting?’ It’s astir however you contiguous it.”

I precocious spoke with Mr. Tumin astir the instauration of “Skipped History,” the value of U.S. past and wherefore truthful galore of the stories Mr. Tumin has told person been forgotten oregon overlooked. Our speech has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

How did “Skipped History” get started?

Before the pandemic, I was a unrecorded performer of longer-form humorous humanities pieces. I was acceptable to spell connected circuit with a portion exploring a U.S.-led coup successful Guatemala successful 1944. This was successful 2018. And truthful inspired by [President Trump’s] question ban, I dug into the past of refugees and made a 45-minute presumption featuring comedic interviews with Syrian refugees. I’d amusement polls from 1938 of citizens successful the U.S. and their views of refugees past and comparison them to polls present and amusement precise wide parallels.

Afterward, successful the conversations with audiences, radical were ever funny successful much history. That’s erstwhile I was like, OK, clip to excavation into much history. I studied past successful assemblage and I emotion speechmaking past books. I’m conscionable people precise funny and a spot nerdy.

The pandemic was a precise unwelcome accidental to drawback up connected a batch of past books that I hadn’t had clip to work due to the fact that I’ve been traveling astir truthful much, and erstwhile I started speechmaking those books, the thought conscionable benignant of came together.

An extended magnitude of research, including videos, goes into each episode. How bash you find each the elements that you include?

I’ll work a publication that possibly a historiographer has recommended to maine oregon that has gotten a batch of announcement oregon conscionable sounds interesting. And I look for moments oregon radical oregon ideas that I didn’t cognize about, that conscionable marque maine drawback my enactment and are astounding.

For example, however is it imaginable that a racist German statistician successful the 1890s wrote a profoundly flawed publication connected contention and transgression statistics, and past these statistic and his investigation dispersed astir the U.S. to the constituent that constabulary departments inactive unwittingly mention his investigation to warrant tactics similar stop-and-frisk?

I’ll look for moments similar that and inquire myself: How is this possible? Because it seems fitting. It seems successful enactment with the currents of U.S. history. But it besides seems truthful outrageous and it’s thing that possibly different radical would beryllium funny successful learning.

Why is it important to archer these stories?

In 1970, James Baldwin wrote a missive to Angela Davis successful which helium said, “What has happened, it seems to me, and to enactment it acold excessively simply, is that a full caller procreation of radical person assessed and absorbed their history, and, successful that tremendous action, person freed themselves of it and volition ne'er beryllium victims again.”

And I deliberation that’s revealing of the empowering quality of past and however it tin beryllium truly joyous and fulfilling to learn.

Why bash you deliberation a batch of this past has been skipped?

I would get a operation from historiographer Tiya Miles, who describes “the conundrum of the archives,” that is however the humanities grounds tends to subordinate what radical successful powerfulness privation it to relate. I emotion and respect historians for conducting an unheralded signifier of absorption and combing done archives to uncover what galore radical would alternatively we ne'er knew. In turn, it’s a joyousness to bring those stories to beingness successful a antithetic mode connected “Skipped History” and radiance much airy connected historians’ work.

I besides deliberation the crushed truthful galore moments successful past are skipped is due to the fact that there’s erasure of U.S. history. Making past uninteresting is portion of U.S. history. Writing a racist mentation of past into schools is portion of U.S. history. And connected the flip side, we present person much involvement successful learning what that existent past is and radical are producing it.

Think astir each of these antithetic past commissions astir the U.S. trying to travel up with their counters to the 1619 Project, which is simply a revelatory and singular portion of past that represents this truly absorbing infinitesimal wherever radical are looking astatine U.S. past successful caller ways. And possibly astir importantly, we are present seeing radical similar Nikole Hannah-Jones oregon Elizabeth Hinton having the platforms to people these pieces and get the attraction and respect that their truly unthinkable enactment deserves.

Season 2 of “Skipped History” is wrapping up. Are determination immoderate stories you anticipation to screen successful the 3rd season?

Season 3 is going to absorption connected economical history, immoderate biology past and immoderate much Indigenous people’s history. Plus the through-currents that look to beryllium down each episode, which is achromatic supremacy maturation unchecked. There are besides a fewer different things that I privation to cover.

How would you picture “Skipped History” for caller viewers?

I deliberation for caller viewers there’s a substance of seriousness and silliness to “Skipped History.” And I accidental that it’s imaginable to insert levity without taking things lightly. People often subordinate past with being drab and besides with being truly depressing, and that’s 1 of the barriers for a batch of people.

And honestly, I deliberation everyone who studies past is affected by that. I deliberation it’s important to cognize that you tin sermon these subjects successful ways that are truly absorbing and inactive marque jokes and marque it entertaining.

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