Patrick Söderlund’s Embark Studios Teases Reveal Of First Game

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The archetypal crippled from Embark Studios, a seasoned squad led by erstwhile EA and Dice caput Patrick Söderlund, is acceptable to beryllium revealed this week. The crippled is called Arc Raiders, and we got a glimpse of what to expect successful a cryptic teaser video.

The video is 1 of those “trailer for the trailer” arsenic it states a afloat uncover is slated for Thursday, December 9. Hey, that’s the aforesaid time arsenic The Game Awards — what a comic coincidence. The video shows immoderate third-person shooting, a pistillate calling for volunteers, and an “Enlist. Resist” tagline. You tin ticker the teaser successful the tweet below.

We archetypal caught upwind of Embark’s caller crippled last November, erstwhile the workplace began hiring for a PvP team-based shooter and shared conception creation of the project. It seems harmless to presume that Arc Raiders is this project, but we’ll find retired for definite soon enough. Embark was formed successful 2018 aft Söderlund departed EA earlier that aforesaid year. The squad is based successful Stockholm, Sweden, and boasts astir 200 employees arsenic of November 2020. The company’s ngo statement, according to its website, is “to blur the enactment betwixt playing and making,” and galore of the posts person centered connected showcasing improvement tools.

What bash you deliberation astir this archetypal tease for Arc Raiders? Any guesses arsenic to what benignant of crippled it could be? Share your thoughts successful the comments!

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