Spying scandal rocks Australian basketball

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A spying ungraded has deed Australia's Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) with 2 officials stood down.

UC Capitals caput manager Paul Goriss and referee Simon Cosier person been sanctioned by Basketball Australia pursuing an probe into a superior integrity breach.

They were recovered blameworthy of "engaging successful prohibited conduct... by misusing wrong accusation and engaging successful behaviour that would impair nationalist assurance successful the integrity and bully quality of hoops and its participants".

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The probe recovered referee Cosier gave confidential video footage to Goriss, which showed the Sydney Uni Flames training.

Capitals caput manager Paul Goriss. (Getty)

The footage had been fixed to the referees for "education purposes" but Cosier illegally gave it to Goriss to springiness the Capitals manager a leg-up connected the competition.

Cosier has been banned from refereeing successful the WNBL again this season. Goriss is suspended until January 20.

"In issuing the sanctions, the (investigating) sheet recovered that nary existent vantage was obtained by Goriss oregon the UC Capitals," Basketball Australia said.

The brace person 2 weeks to entreaty the penalties.

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