Thinking of the cloud as a cost-saving tool puts businesses at a disadvantage, Accenture finds

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The astir palmy companies see unreality exertion a continuum of tools for strategizing and transforming concern practices, a survey of leaders suggests.

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A survey of astir 4,000 executives has discovered that the mode businesses conceive of their narration to the unreality tin person a large interaction connected the concern worth and concern instrumentality they receive.

The study, performed by Accenture, divides businesses into 2 categories: Those that see the unreality arsenic a instrumentality for outgo savings and operational efficiency, and those that spot it arsenic "a motorboat pad for innovation and caller operating models." 

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That quality successful imaginativeness means that companies successful that second class execute betwixt 1.2x and 2.7x greater outgo reduction, are 2 to 3 times much apt "to innovate and automate their proviso chain/warehouse and re-engineer cognition work," and are up to 3 times much apt to usage the unreality to conscionable sustainability goals, Accenture said. 

Accenture calls those companies "continuum competitors" due to the fact that they spot unreality exertion arsenic a continuum of evolving technologies that volition wholly alteration business. Moving to the cloud, to a continuum competitor, is conscionable measurement 1 of an endless watercourse of transformations.

Only 12% to 15% of businesses autumn into the continuum rival category, Accenture said. According to its research, Accenture said there's nary crushed that percent has to stay small: Several businesses it counts among the continuum rival radical aren't adjacent digitally autochthonal organizations. 3M, Carlsberg, Siemens, Roche and Starbucks are each cited arsenic pre-cloud businesses that person gone beyond migrating and into innovating utilizing unreality technology. 

Moving beyond elemental migration means taking 4 approaches that Accenture said it identified among organizations that fell into the continuum rival category. 

First, they're businesses with a strategy for innovation utilizing unreality technology. These organizations person a intelligibly defined imaginativeness for migration and aboriginal aspirational usage of unreality technologies. They besides place their vulnerabilities and capabilities earlier starting the process truthful they cognize wherever they are from the precise beginning.

Second, continuum competitors amusement an agile mindset extracurricular of their exertion arsenic well. Agility "infuses different practices specified arsenic continuous goals, cloud-first apps, endowment transformation, accusation exertion experimentation, and compute awareness." Transforming concern practices alongside computing changes are indispensable parts of expanding innovation and boosting revenues, Accenture said.

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Third, each of the businesses halfway their investments connected experiences, some interior and external. Design centers connected humans, and unreality exertion are utilized to rethink organizational strategy, products and services, transportation models and worker experience.

Lastly, continuum competitors  are committed to continually strategizing, and those strategies see each employees from apical to bottom. Keep gait with the latest technologies affects each idiosyncratic successful an organization, Accenture said, and palmy ones person employees that are well-informed connected strategy, are trained to grip it, and are supported successful their needs. 

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