Trump Called for the Execution of Whoever Leaked the Story About His Stay in the White House Bunker

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According to Wall Street Journal newsman Michael Bender’s caller book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,” erstwhile President Donald Trump called for the execution of whoever leaked accusation about his enactment successful the White House bunker during protests past June. At the time, Trump claimed that the idiosyncratic had committed treason against his medication and was seemingly “obsessed” with uncovering the source. 

“Trump boiled implicit astir the bunker communicative arsenic soon arsenic they arrived and shouted astatine them to fume retired whoever had leaked it. It was the astir upset immoderate aides had ever seen the president,” Bender writes. “‘Whoever did that, they should beryllium charged with treason!’ Trump yelled. ‘They should beryllium executed!'”

Bender goes connected to enactment that then-White House main of unit Mark Meadows “repeatedly tried to calm the president arsenic startled aides avoided oculus contact,” going truthful acold arsenic to archer Trump: “I’m connected it. We’re going to find retired who did it.”

Additionally, White House unit “who said they’d heard the president contented that informing had interpreted the outburst arsenic a motion of a president successful panic.”

In June 2020, quality outlets reported that Trump spent a little play successful the White House’s underground bunker arsenic protests erupted successful the aftermath of the execution of George Floyd, a Black antheral who was killed by ex-Minneapolis constabulary serviceman Derek Chauvin, who would aboriginal beryllium convicted for the killing.

“The President was determination for a small nether an hr earlier being brought upstairs,” CNN reported astatine the time.

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