Warriors fume at Broncos' bid to bring back Walsh

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Warriors CEO Cameron George says the Broncos should person shown "faith" successful Reece Walsh aft Kevin Walters declared the doorway would ever beryllium unfastened for the young prima to instrumentality to Red Hill.

George's fierce effect comes aft Walters made it known publically that "Reece is ever invited back" astatine his erstwhile club.

Walsh, 19, stunned Broncos fans earlier this play by gaining a release from the Broncos to take connected a multi-year woody with the Warriors, which has proven to beryllium arguably the biggest coup of the year.

The Warriors CEO contiguous deed backmost astatine Walters and the Broncos, by declaring the nine should person stood by the teen earlier letting him go.

"It's conscionable ironic that we're playing the Broncos this week and the Brisbane media are throwing up that they're looking astatine him and carrying on," George told SEN.

Reece Walsh of the Warriors passes during the circular 22 NRL lucifer betwixt the New Zealand Warriors and the Canterbury Bulldogs astatine Moreton Daily Stadium, connected August 15, 2021, successful Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images) (Getty)

"Good luck to them, they should person ne'er fto him spell successful the archetypal place.

"We've enactment a batch of enactment successful with Reece, he's connected declaration with america for a mates of years.

"We showed Reece a large woody of religion erstwhile rather frankly, the Broncos didn't.

"On that basis, Reece is enjoying his clip and he's been fixed large opportunities astatine our nine and he's a terrific small footy player.

"Naturally, erstwhile they go escaped connected the marketplace it becomes rather competitive, but we've done a batch of large things with Reece and he's enjoying his time.

"We're looking guardant to having him astir for a while."

Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler some hold that the Broncos volition regret letting spell of Reece Walsh

Shortly aft joining the New Zealand-based club, Walsh was connected the doorstep of a Queensland Maroons debut and present looms arsenic a shining airy of what's to travel for the Warriors.

Through 13 NRL games to day for the Warriors, Walsh has already scored 9 tries to spell on with 10 effort assists.

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