What programming language is the most popular for developers? No, it's not Python

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Python, TypeScript, Kotlin, SQL and Go, are connected the rise, according to a State of Developer Ecosystem report. But 1 connection inactive leads the pack.


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In the ever-changing satellite of bundle development, the skills, programming languages and technologies required for the occupation are successful changeless flux. To recognize the day-to-day realities of developer life, JetBrains conducted its yearly State of Developer Ecosystem 2021 report, which it conscionable released connected Thursday.

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The report, which culls unneurotic answers from 31,743 developers from 183 countries and regions, takes an in-depth look astatine the latest trends for developers—everything from programming languages and frameworks to manner topics. They came from a scope of industries—from subject to selling to banking to government—and astir were successful the IT services. Most (63%) of respondents were afloat employed, and astir (81%) were developers/programmers/software engineers successful elder (41%) positions. Nearly fractional (48%) were successful their 20s. And a whopping 93% were male.

As developers proceed to beryllium a highly sought-after group, knowing the realities of their lives and jobs should beryllium of involvement to existent and imaginable employers.

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Here are immoderate of the main findings from the State of Developer Ecosystem Report:

Programming languages

Programmers inactive similar JavaScript—69% of them accidental they've utilized it successful the past year, and 39% telephone it their apical programming language. 

Python is much fashionable than Java, successful presumption of wide use, portion Java is preferred arsenic a superior language. But JavaScript is much fashionable than some of these.

But different programming languages are apical contenders, arsenic well—according to the report, successful summation to Python, TypeScript, Kotlin, SQL and Go are the fastest-growing programming languages.

On the different hand, Ruby, Objective-C and Scala person dropped successful popularity implicit the past 5 years.

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  • Pre-pandemic, lone 31% of developers worked from home; present 83% do.
  • 70% of developers are satisfied with their jobs. 
  • Video games are the astir fashionable hobby, astatine 59%.
  • 91% of developers crook to YouTube for amusement and 71% crook to YouTube for information.
  • 47% marque their ain meals.
  • Over 50% of the respondents lend to charity.

Other amusive workplace facts

  • 46% usage a spreadsheet exertion to analyse data.
  • The bulk of developers (68%) don't usage a circumstantial analytics platform.
  • Jupyter (32%) is the astir utilized large information tool.
  • 36% usage interior servers to big data.
  • 91% are acrophobic astir information privacy.
  • MySQL is the No. 1 database for 69% of respondents, followed by PostgreSQL, for 42%.

There is simply a batch much detail—everything from debugging stored procedures to programming languages by portion to programming languages utilized on with C++ to unit-testing frameworks to which module loaders are used—in the afloat report.

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