Where discarded Titans trio could land next

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Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler person speculated what mightiness beryllium adjacent for discarded Gold Coast Titans trio Tyrone Peachey, Mitch Rein and Ash Taylor.

The Titans showed the doorway to a fistful of players pursuing the club's 2021 season, with Sam Stone, Jai Whitbread and Jonus Pearson joining the aforementioned trio.

Johns said of those departing the nine Peachey presents arsenic the astir enticing imaginable for NRL clubs.

"I deliberation Tyrone Peachey would beryllium a large buy," helium said successful Wide World of Sports' Freddy & The Eighth.

Tyrone Peachey is leaving the Gold Coast Titans (Getty)

"That jersey 14 with a quicker ruck... erstwhile helium decides to tally he's truthful unsafe with his velocity and strength."

Fittler agreed that Peachey would beryllium a astute pick-up.

"Peachey volition decidedly beryllium picked up somewhere. Interesting what benignant of wealth he's worthy to squad - I truly deliberation that fig 14 is simply a truly invaluable position," helium said.

While 31-year-old Rein is towards the extremity of his career, helium inactive could play a relation astatine a club, according to the NRL legends.

"Mitch Rein really went to Penrith successful a akin concern and got the occupation astatine the Titans and nailed the occupation successful the fig 1 position, truthful he's evidently idiosyncratic who volition enactment hard truthful I'm definite immoderate NRL squad volition prime him up," Fittler said.

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"Mitch Rein's [career] astir apt coming to an extremity but you request extent successful that dummy fractional presumption due to the fact that it's specified a pugnacious position," Johns added.

"I deliberation he'd beryllium a bully pick-up, whether you privation to telephone it a 2nd drawstring dummy half."

As for oft-criticised fractional Taylor, Johns said the Super League should beryllium his adjacent destination to revive his career.

"Ash Taylor I deliberation helium should spell to England," Johns said.

"Seeing a subordinate specified arsenic Drew Hutchison and Jackson Hastings spell distant determination for a twelvemonth oregon two, worked connected their crippled and past travel back. I deliberation helium needs to spell to the Super League and wholly enactment connected his craft."

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