Where to buy Quant as QNT records 20% increase in a week

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QNT, the autochthonal token of the Quant blockchain web has registered gains of 20% during the past week

Quant has been connected a bull tally precocious and the crypto has risen by 9% successful the past 24 hours. On the monthly chart, the cryptocurrency shows a emergence of much than 200%. These are fabulous numbers considering the information that Quant is simply a good established and mature network. The all-time precocious (ATH) for QNT is $196.99 and the token is trading astatine $184.02 astatine the clip of writing. It looks similar a caller ATH is precise overmuch wrong the scope of bulls and the terms could found higher highs erstwhile the ATH is breached decisively. 

How & wherever to bargain Quant successful the UK and elsewhere

Are you funny successful purchasing Quant? All you request to bash is unfastened an relationship connected a broker/exchange web and verify your idiosyncratic details specified arsenic individuality and address. 

Once the relationship is functional, you tin deposit funds and commencement buying/selling cryptocurrencies. Avoid utilizing DEX platforms arsenic they are unregulated and the hazard of fraud is precocious connected specified sites. 

For your benefit, we person listed 2 of the champion platforms wherever you tin bargain tokens easy and securely. 


eToro is 1 of the world's starring multi-asset trading platforms offering immoderate of the lowest committee and interest rates successful the industry. It's societal transcript trading features marque it a large prime for those getting started.

Buy QNT with eToro today


NAGA is simply a unsocial societal trading level that allows users to entree world's astir fashionable cryptos, stocks and forex. Users tin automatically transcript the strategies of the champion traders connected the platform

Buy QNT with NAGA today

What is Quant? 

Quant was launched successful 2018 and allows interoperability betwixt antithetic blockchain networks. There are galore blockchain services presently but each 1 is tied up to its ain network. Cross-chain functionality is simply a immense occupation successful the cryptoverse and Quant was 1 of the earliest networks to supply a solution. It allows multi-applications crossed antithetic networks thereby serving arsenic a linking layer. 

Should I bargain QNT today?

Quant has beardown fundamentals and is an older blockchain exertion that has proven itself to beryllium a bully web implicit time. It is casual to suffer wealth connected meme token launches that adhd small worth and simply effort to currency successful connected the craze of a bull rally. QNT is adjacent to hitting its ATH and could spell connected a bigger rally if the bulls clasp interest. 

Below is the play illustration for QNT that shows beardown accumulation earlier the terms rise. 

Quant play chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

A beardown upwards momentum is presently gathering successful Quant and aboriginal investors could beryllium looking astatine important gains. 

This nonfiction is informational only—none of the contents should beryllium construed arsenic fiscal oregon concern advice.

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