Zanardi out of hospital 18 months after horror crash

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Two-time CART champion and Paralympic golden medallist Alex Zanardi has been released from hospital, 18 months aft suffering horrific injuries successful a handbike accident.

The erstwhile Formula 1 operator was deed by a motortruck successful June 2020 portion competing successful a race, suffering extended caput injuries.

He underwent aggregate operations astatine a attraction installation successful Italy.

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Zanardi's wife, Daniela, has posted an update connected the 55-year-old's condition.

"The betterment continues to beryllium a agelong process," she said.

Alex Zanardi won golden astatine the 2012 London Paralympics. (Getty)

"The rehabilitation programme led by doctors, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists and code therapists has enabled dependable progress. Of course, setbacks are determination and tin inactive occur.

"Sometimes you besides person to marque 2 steps backmost successful bid to marque 1 measurement forward. But Alex proves again and again that helium is simply a existent fighter.

"An important measurement was that Alex was capable to permission infirmary a fewer weeks agone and is backmost astatine location with america now.

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"We had to hold precise agelong for this and are precise blessed that it was imaginable now, adjacent if determination are inactive impermanent stays successful peculiar clinics planned for the aboriginal to transportation retired peculiar rehabilitation measures connected site."

Zanardi mislaid some legs in a unspeakable clang successful Germany successful 2001, though helium returned to racing successful a modified car, utilizing manus controls.

Alex Zanardi is earnestly injured during a clang successful a contention successful Germany successful 2001. (Getty)

He past turned his attraction to handcycling, winning golden medals astatine some the 2012 and 2016 Paralympics.

"You inactive can't foretell however his betterment volition further develop. It is inactive a agelong and challenging mode that Alex tackles with a batch of warring spirit," Daniela said.

"It is simply a large assistance for him and america that we person truthful overmuch enactment connected this way, not lone from the doctors and therapists that intensively enactment with him.

"We would similar to explicit a large Grazie to each who nonstop their bully thoughts and powerfulness to Alex. We privation everybody a merry Christmas and each the champion for the caller year."

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